Cleaning your workspace... naturally



Green World Innovations are proud distributors of the innovative, effective and environmentally friendly i-mop. The i-mop is the world’s most compact and manoeuvrable mop for commercial cleaning. Purchase Now

Turning ordinary tap water into one of nature’s most effective cleaner seems almost too good to be true. No more traditional cleaning chemicals, it can’t possibly work….can it? Yes it can.

Respected businesses are using our technology including Morgan Stanley, The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, London Luton Airport, Sodexo and The Balmoral Edinburgh. You should too.

Cleans faster and more efficiently. No need to measure/mix traditional chemicals

Aqueous Ozone - the single cleaner for every job

No carcinogens, so a healthier working environment

Responsible choice. No toxic waste into the drain or atmosphere

Reduce costs, only pennies per litre to produce

We're the right choice

kind to the environment
saves money

Join the natural cleaning revolution. For no obligation advice call us on

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