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Innovative tech replaces chemical cleaning in schools

13 schools are now safely cleaned thanks to a new sustainable cleaning method which replaces chemical cleaning in schools. Pinnacle PSG’s Facilities Management team have installed Aqueous Ozone systems in schools in Leeds and Kirklees, providing excellent cleaning performance without using harsh and sometimes toxic chemicals.

The deployment of the technology is the first widespread installation of such a system in schools and solves the problem of using potentially harmful chemicals around children.

This system passes mains water through a wall-mounted appliance where it is enriched with oxygen and charged with 4,500 volts, chemically changing the water. This change gives water enhanced cleaning and antibacterial properties meaning it can attract dirt, and more quickly and effectively kill bacteria than conventional cleaners.

The chemical changes of the water last for four hours, after which it reverts back to normal water.

The financial impact of the product is largely cost-neutral, however the environmental and health benefits are clear. One primary school previously used over 6,500 litres of chemical cleaners annually. As a result of Aqueous Ozone system, the school is can eliminate the presence of chemical cleaners and contaminated waste from their premises.

Excellent cleaning standards in all of the schools have been maintained and staff are delighted with the additional safety benefits of a chemical-free cleaning regime.

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