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Energy Efficient Windows

Did you know that energy efficient glazing can help to reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills?

Energy efficient windows – the benefits

Energy efficient glazing:

  • reduces heat loss through windows which means fewer draughts
  • insulates your home against external noise
  • reduces condensation build up on the inside of windows
  • comes in a range of frame materials and styles
  • can also be used in external doors

GreenFit Solutions have teamed up with Avon Windows and Conservatories to offer professional window, door and conservatory supply and installation, as well as a repairs service that will:

  • carry out all types of repairs to all types of windows ,doors, and conservatories.
  • Replace misty glass units.
  • Replace broken handles and hinges on windows.
  • Replace faulty locking mechanisms on windows and doors.
  • Upgrade glass units in windows and doors to lower your heat loss.

For more information about how GreenFit Solutions and Avon Windows and Conservatories can reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your energy bills through energy efficient glazing, visit the Avon Windows website.