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Green World Innovations have partnered with Veltia UK to widen their product portfolio

In a bid to bring innovative, market leading products to the commercial market, Green World Innovations have continued to add to their already impressive partnership collaborations by teaming up with Veltia UK to supply and install their unique range of hand dryers.

Veltia UK currently supply over 200 business with innovative hand dryer packages. The Veltia hand dryers incorporate exclusive technology, the only range of its kind to boast 300 jets of air strategically placed to dry both sides of your hands without the need to move them. They also hold patented technology that allows excess water from the hands to be directed and collected within the Veltia hand dryer itself and not on the floor.

The impressive range is vast, meaning there is a hand dryer solution to suit all businesses. Plus there is a range of colours and specs to suit any washroom environment.

Managing Director at Green World Innovations, Kevin Morgan said:

“Since joining Green World earlier this year, I have worked hard to form collaborations and partnerships with brands who share the same ethos as we do. To bring innovative, cutting edge technology to commercial environments. We are thrilled to be adding the Veltia UK hand dryer range to our portfolio, continuing to provide something new to our customers.”


Matt Anderson, Managing Director at Veltia UK said of the partnership:

“We were impressed by Kevin and the team at Green World. Their philosophy and product range complement that of Veltia. Their nationwide sales and servicing teams have been fully briefed on the wide range of hand dryers available for all commercial washroom environments. We are confident that we can increase our exposure through Green World and build on the number of businesses using the Veltia brand.”

To find out more about this innovative technology and the product range that is suitable for your environment, visit the Green World website www.greenworldgb.com or call one of the team on 0333 305 2326.

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