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ENGIE client overwhelmed with the outcome of switching to chemical free cleaning

ENGIE, one of the biggest FM companies in the UK have expressed their delight on behalf of their clients, that switching to green cleaning with Green World Innovations, in the form of the Tersano lotus® PRO has brought.


Their client, situated at their prestigious UK based Head Quarters, faced a difficult challenge when it came to cleaning granite internal flooring. The client believed that the floor was made up of two different colours of stone, and two different types of surfaces – diamond cut and textured for slip resistance in turnstiles.

ENGIE contacted Green World Innovations for the solution having used the lotus® PRO product in many of their other sites across a wide variety of industries and within a number of leading Blue Chip brands.


The lotus® PRO chemical free cleaning technology – this proven method of cleaning sanitises any surface virtually instantly and provides up to an impressive 70% reduction in slips and falls compared to those cleaned with traditional chemicals. The lotus® PRO cleaning system quickly transforms tap water into aqueous ozone, a proven, powerful cleaning solution.

Engie applied the Ozone cleaning solution to the “dirty” textured granite tile.

John Anderson, National Services Improvement Manager at Engie commented:

“The contact time when using the Ozone solution is less than 1 minute and only requires a wipe down using a microfibre cloth. There’s no scrubbing required which means this saves time. The results are impressive, the risk of slips and falls are reduced for our client and our operatives are no longer exposed to chemicals. It’ just fantastic.”

“Our clients are overwhelmed by the outcome and so was I in terms of the capabilities of the Ozone. It shows how much cleaner the floor is on the diamond cut tiled areas and the grouting. This product is truly impressive and I believe will change the cleaning industry.”

As well as being 100% safe for the environment, Stabilised Aqueous Ozone is cost effective, and stronger and more powerful than bleach and chlorine. Using ozone to clean removes the need for measuring and diluting cleaning solutions for different floor types.


The lotus® PRO Cleaning System quickly transforms water into aqueous ozone – nature’s cleaner – by simply infusing water with ozone, which the unit can efficiently stabilise for up to 24 hours. The infused water or aqueous ozone is totally chemical free and serves as a viable alternative to potentially harmful chemical cleaning products.

Capable of producing a continuous flow of approximately 14 litres of aqueous ozone per minute – using the equivalent power of just two 40 watt bulbs – the solution provides a residue-free cleaner that guarantees a longer lasting clean as well as reduced slip hazard on any surface. As well as eliminating pathogens, grime and grease, the solution uses no toxic chemicals which means there are no hazards from splashing, fumes, skin or eye irritation and is safe for sufferers of asthma. It also improves productivity as no rinsing is required as found with most chemical cleaners currently available on the market.

The lotus® PRO Cleaning System has the ability to clean at the same level of chemical cleaning products whilst representing none of the detrimental costs that come with the. Aqueous ozone is totally chemical free and is also environmentally risk free when being disposed of. Once used it safely reverts back into ordinary water and oxygen. The solution that is left can then be poured away. With aqueous ozone, there is no lasting harmful residue left on the ‘cleaned’ surface as well as no potential harmful chemical solutions being left in mop buckets or spray guns.

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